Commerical Printing

This part of our site is setup for people who already know what kind of print method they need and just want to see prices. For more on what print method works best for what use, please see the bottom of the page.

Vinyl Cut

pricing table

For larger quantities, this price sheet exists to give you a rough guide. The final price may very depending on complexity of print. Turnaround is usally 5-8 business days, however we may be able to rush orders through if needed.

These prices are also intended for Cut Vinyl printing, but we can also do Inkjet Transfers for the same price.

Three colour Cut Vinyl print on a hoodie, with an extra detailed graphic. We did 10 of these. $55 per hoodie and an addtional $7 for the 2 extra colours and detail.

15x Two colour Cut Vinyl tees and 15x hats, $16 ea.

10x double colour hoodie, breast print only. Discount given based on size of print, $50ea.


Direct to Garment

pricing table

Direct to Garment printing is one of the newest printing methods. We use a massive printer to print on the shirt itself. Advantages of this print method mean you won’t get cracking or peeling of the print. You won’t have a large print area that feels different to the rest of the shirt, or inhibts airflow. Disadvantages is that the print isn’t as hard wearing, and can fade after time or heavy use (usually 1yr or longer).

With direct to garment, setting up the print machine can be quite expensive, hence the higher prices for small orders and turn around is usually 4-5 business days for small orders, or 10 days for larger orders.

DTG Print on a mesh Biz-collection tee.

Large format DTG print on a white t-shit.


Screen Printing

This printing technique uses a stencil is used to transfer ink onto material. It can be time consuming and expensive to setup, but for bulk runs, can be very affordable and offers great detail and quality for all kinds of graphics. 

We quote screen printing jobs per job, so get in touch if you need this kind of print. For best value for money, screen printing works at QTY of 15 or above.

5 colour screen printed hoodie.

Single Colour bulk print run


Print & Cut Vinyl

This method is extremely similar to our normal vinyl, except the material is printed on before you cut it. There are minimums however, as the setup for this job is more involved and the media is wider than our other vinyl.

Print and Cut Vinyl – low resolution graphic.

Bulk run of Print and cut vinyl for Forest and Bird.


Which Print method is best?

We have done work for clients using all these print methods, because no one solution will suit every client.
Your needs are different, so trust us to help you choose the best way to deliver your project.

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Pricing is GST Inclusive. Freight costs are additional. Most orders will not have additional art/setup costs – the above is indicative of the total cost of the product.

How does it all work?