Memeopoly – Space Station


Memeopoly is designed to be accessible to all levels of player and the casual gamer or drinker. The object of the game is simply to have fun with your friends and enjoy some drinks.

Players simply take turns to draw a card and carry out the card’s?commands. The game consists of 52?unique cards, each with a different activity or effect. Because the rules are printed on the cards, there is no learning curve to this game and people can join in or quit mid-game without creating any disruptions.

Memeopoly is a great party starter and will lead to many hilarious memories. Suitable for anyone of drinking age, able to be played by drinkers and non-drinkers?alike.

This is a standalone expansion for Memeopoly. It comes with 10 cards, each card is double sided and double ended which gives a total of 40 new rules to give you a taste of Memeopoly or add to your existing game. Spacestation is designed around spacer cards, which are a lot simpler and faster to play than other Memeopoly cards. There are no duration effects or types.

Players: 3?10

For ages 18?and above

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