Graphic Design

Verboom has a qualified graphic designer on staff who is exclusively available for Verboom customers. So whether you want a custom logo designed for your new tshirts or business cards designs and printed (we can even do the rest of your stationary set) we can do it for you. To see past examples in any product category, just message us via our contact page and we can show you our previous work for our very happy customers.

In the interests of providing a quality, responsive and top notch service, we’ve found it necessary to formulate some guidelines for our graphic design service to ensure that our designer doesn’t get swamped with work, that we don’t over commit ourselves to spending hours and hours on a $40 job and to ensure your job gets completed in a timely fashion.

Complementary Services

We offer all our customers limited graphic design services for free. These includes the following:


  • Checking and resizing your artwork to print ready resolution
  • Converting artwork to vector where possible through live trace and minor edits
  • Converting your document colours to print ready requirements, whether CMYK, RGB or 2/3 colour prints.
  • Adding bleed, trim, safe zone or positioning to fit within required guidelines.
  • Arranging multiple supplied artwork into a harmonious final print output.



  • We don’t charge for art setup, and we aim to lower the barrier to small businesses, charities and private customers by not charging for simple requests. This includes the following:
  • Text of your choice, in a font of your choice, in a colour of your choice on a colour of your choice.
  • Basic symbols, such as a heart, diamond, X or arrow, etc. incorporated into the design.
  • Symbol geometric shapes incorporated into the design.
  • Changing the font or erasing part of an existing design.

In the case of some files, we are unable to offer these services for free, as the work on them may be excessive. In these cases we will contact the client and ask them to either resubmit print ready artwork or quote for us to do it for them.


For all custom garment printing and badge printing, we will send the customer a proof of your final design. This is your chance to make sure our creative vision matches your creative direction. This is your chance to make any needed changes, fix any spelling mistakes or change your mind about anything else, before we go to the final production stage.

With our complementary services and in general, we’ve found unfortunate situations where the client hasn’t expressed their initial requirements clearly, and we’ve had to go through upwards of 7 proofs before the client has been happy, which has delayed other jobs we’ve been working on. To prevent cost over runs and to ensure we can continue offering these services, we must institute the following policy regarding proofs:


Please review your graphic design proof carefully. Clearly indicate any changes, additions, or deletions on the proof and or in communication with us via email or in writing. We do not accept proof changes or approval over the phone as it is too easy to have critical misunderstandings. Our free graphic design services (any design work we are doing for you without discussion of payment) is limited to 2 proofs, 1 to show our initial understanding of your concept, and for you to make any final corrections, 1 for you to sign off on before we go to printing. Additional proofs (and changes) beyond these first two, will be charged $15 per proof. We instead quote for our graphic design rates instead of proceeding at the proof rate.

To ensure our customers pay attention to our proofs and that communication is clear before we go on to production, please read our production / proof policy:


Before we start any job, we confirm with our clients what artwork we are printing and what their requirements are. In the event we send you a proof, it is your responsibility  to check it to ensure every aspect matches your requirements. This includes spell checking, fact checking, correct colours, correct logos, correct wording, correct placement and any other requirement for the job you may have. Verboom does not accept any liability for any job that has been completed and matches a confirmed proof. Verboom does not accept any liability for any costs arising from changes in size, colour, product or any other aspect that occur after the job has been confirmed in writing via email.


Should the client cancel or halt production at any time after the confirmation for production, then the client will still be required to pay for the job in full, or any costs short of that that may have been incurred but are not necessarily the full price of the job. For any paid graphic design work that has been quoted and confirmed to go ahead, the client will be required to pay Verboom for any work completed up to the moment of cancellation.  Cancellation fees may apply if we have rostered extra staff on account of your project, ordered any stock for your job or incurred any other expense resulting from being contacted to complete this job.